WORKFORCE Team Challange May 21, 2015


New Course for 2014 - Click Here The CDPHP® Workforce Team Challenge is the largest annual road race between Utica and New York City.

New safety information for the race

Safety Instructions Parking Restrictions and Road Closures

A new course has been designed for the 2014 CDPHP Workforce Team Challenge.

This new certified course starts further west on Madison Avenue (125 feet east of Swan). This will allow the runners to cross the starting line further up the hill potentially leading to faster times as it will be a net downhill course. This will allow all runners to easily fit on Madison Avenue prior to the start. In addition, all staircases from the plaza level to Madison Avenue will be open making access to the start smoother this year. The course itself will follow Madison to Lake to Western Avenue and then into Washington Park. The course includes almost a full loop of the lake in Washington Park. After looping through the park, runners will exit onto Madison Avenue finishing just past the overpass by the State Museum as in the past. Click here to view a printable course map.

Event Date: Thursday, May 21, 2015
Start Time: 6:25 p.m.
Place: Empire State Plaza, Albany, NY
Distance 3.5 miles
Cost: $22.00 per entry

4 entries needed per organization
to qualify for team awards


Interested? Then register your workforce team, lace up your sneakers, and prepare to enjoy the excitement and camaraderie as you join the ranks of those who make the Capital Region run!

Check out our 2014 Charities of Choice,
which will receive a portion of race proceeds.

Download CDPHP®InMotion™ to view the route get training tips, and track your progress.

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